Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The grass is always greener...

Go ahead... kiss 'em - your husband, your lawn boy, whoever it might be that tends to your yard. Kiss them and thank your lucky stars that your don't have to!

I have never been a person who enjoys yard work.

If the summer sun gets so hot that it turns my yard to a sickly shade of brown, I'm a happy camper. This summer I didn't water my lawn once, not once, and it stayed green! (even though I was hoping for that sickly brown color.)....I seriously think my neighbors secretly watered my lawn.

You see, with that sickly brown color comes less mowing. I hate to mow. And more than mowing, I hate to weed eat! Sickly brown burnt up grass doesn't need to be mowed or weed-eaten.

Because I despise this mundane task of cutting down something just so it can regrow and the WHOLE task can reoccur again in 5-7 days, I put it off as long as I can. This time around I did a fabulous job of putting it off.

Over Labor Day weekend, I was out of town.

Then came my birthday (...and who really wants to do yard work on their birthday??!!) and a busy week at school.

Then last weekend, I had a day out with my girls and an unplanned trip to see Spencer in AR. we are... with my grass greener and taller than it has EVER been.

yeah... the grass may be a pretty shade of green, but so is my twinge of jealousy for all of you that don't have to do yard work.

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