Monday, October 27, 2008

Not up for Parent-of-the-Year

I had my very first Parent/Teacher Conference on Friday where I had to sit in the parent chair. (Let me preface this with I thought I knew what to expect) Colby is in Kindergarten this year and has 2 years of Preschool under his belt. His preschool teacher always gave us raving reviews... so, today, kinda knocked me off my pedestal as a mom (who is a teacher).

Colby's teacher told us that Colby will need to receive additional tutoring as he is not showing recognition of all of his letters. My heart immediately sank. I felt as if I not only failed as a parent, but as a teacher. My job is to daily educate other peoples' children and yet my own has fallen short.

We, of course, agreed to the tutoring~ we do want what's best for our child, even if it is a HUGE blow to one's ego. As we were leaving, Robbie, my ex, said, "It's okay. I had to be tutored when I was in school." I turned and looked at him and said,"Yeah? Well, both of your parents weren't teachers!"

This follows Colby's trip to the dentist, a few weeks back, with the result of nine cavities.
Yeah...I guess I won't be nominated for Parent-of-the-Year anytime soon.


  1. I know of two great little boys who would nominate you for parent of the year - and they're the only ones who count! :)

    Oh, and PA-HA! The word verification is "undie!" Undie!

  2. I completely understand where you are coming from. It is SO hard to be on the other side of the table! We got to hear about Mark spinning around on the floor in Kdg. Nice. What do you say to that? "Uh, yeah. He's training for the circus."

    I, for one, think you are a great mom.

  3. Hey Sis you are doing a great job! Remember I had 4369568 cavities when I was growing up! LOL Hang in there. Wish I could come visit for Thanksgiving. I Miss you guys.


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