Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do you have tourette's?...Or why else would you be twitching??

This week is Parent/Teacher conferences, and despite what parents think, teachers do NOT look forward to the conferences. In fact, some of my teacher friends and I have been having some symptoms that only seem to come around this time of year.

My friend, Laura, has has a constant twitch in her eye for the past week. She walks around saying, "It's twitching again....Do you see it??!!It's twitching!!!!" I asked her if she thought it was brought on by stress...or something else??? She confirmed that she did not have tourette's. She did tell me that a teacher she once knew (name withheld to protect the innocent) had it and she would do lots of blinking and funky little twitches all the time. Guess she should be glad hers didn't involve cussing - don't think schools would look highly upon that.

I, on the other hand, have just had the most wild and crazy dreams! My last one consisted of me being partially naked, in a stranger's house and me not being able to find my clothes - which just so happened to be my Halloween costume. I kept wandering around looking. I asked Laura (who was in my dream) if she had seen my costume and she told me that it was the middle of the night, to go back to bed. I told her I couldn't sleep because of the old woman I was having to share the pull out hide-a-bed with. See, it wasn't just because I should be creeped out that I am sharing a bed with an elderly woman I do not, the reason I couldn't sleep with her is because she kept falling out of bed and when she would start to fall, she would grab for me and scratch my arm and then her little lap dog would jump off of her chest onto mine. I, then, would have to throw the dog off of me and walk around to the other side and push her back up into bed. Thankfully, in the end, I did find my clothes. They were at the end of the bed Laura was sleeping in - Go figure!

I have decided that either I need to take up drinking more often ...or have someone psycho-analyze my dreams - that is... before I start twitching. :)

**Update** Thanks Erin for pointing out that tourette's is not spelled terrets. I don't know why spell check didn't catch it. LOL

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