Saturday, October 11, 2008

If the following applies to you, please raise your hand

Being a teacher, I come across things on a daily basis that I am sure most people don't have to deal with in their normal every day business lives. It makes me laugh, though, thinking of these situations in an office building.

1. Peeing in public (NO...It wasn't me!)
2. Seeing someone getting kicked in the junk. (NO...I didn't do the kicking - lol)
3. Catching someone masturbating. (I'm NOT kidding on this one!!!!!)

Now that I read back through my list, I am noticing a common theme, not one that I had intended when I started this post.

I'm telling's a good thing that I can laugh at my daily life...because they sure don't pay me enough to afford a trip to the loony bin.

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  1. Oh I do miss those days - kind of. The kid for whom we had to find a really short chair and a really tall desk to curb his, uh, affection for the desk, the kid who glued hearts to his paper with his own snot during a study of symmetry. The next school year, the snot kid managed to get poop on his ear - POOP on his EAR - that was somehow related to the lack of toilet paper in the boys room. Your post just takes me back. :)


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