Thursday, October 9, 2008 will save you gas

Today, my friend Laura comes into work as normal. At around 2:30, our secretary comes down to her room with her keys. (You have to know Laura, she losses her keys constantly, so this was NO big surprise.) Until our secretary says to her "Did you forget something this morning?" Laura looks at her and says, "You mean something other than my keys?" Our secretary laughs and says, "Laura, your car has been running all day!"

Laura said she guesses she just got to school, had so much on her mind, and, in turn, just got out. Laura had just filled up right before she came to school, so we both ran out after school to see just how much gas she had left. After seven hours of idling, all she had used was a quarter of a tank! So... next time you feel like wasting a little gas (You know, since gas prices are going down)...idle for a few hours. LOL

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