Monday, August 18, 2008

You Might be a Redneck... (part duex)

My brother, Tim, came down from Wisconsin this past weekend. He and I decided to go to SDC together - just the two of us! We had a blast riding all of the rides, especially the coasters.

When we were headed to ride the Lost River, a guy (who had just ridden the Lost River) stopped in this little encove of the entrance. He paused, looked around and then shouted, "Hell YEAH!!!" He then bent and picked up a full serving of nachos that was sitting on the ground, looked straight at us and said, "You can't beat that there with a stick!"

Tim and I just looked at each other and busted up laughing!

We did redeem my funnel cake certificate. Somehow, they just aren't as good as I remember as a kid. I, guess, you should just leave those good memories in the past. Here's a pic of us pretending to enjoy it though :)


  1. I'm guessing you wouldn't have eaten nachos even if that had been your free certificate.

    I love love love funnel cakes. Even make them at home, once in awhile.

    Another way you, Tim, and I are not alike. Shocker.

  2. Tom and Rich are thinking about going to Joan's to get two benches and a sofa. Tom said (and I quote), Well, we could just tie the sofa to the top of the van if it doesn't fit inside. I started humming the tune to "Deliverance."


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