Sunday, August 24, 2008

What doesn't kill you...Makes you stronger

What doesn't kill you...Makes you stronger ~ I have truly taken on this philosophy as an adult. However, this evening I was challenged. Not for my sake, but that of a friend's. They told me they were contemplating suicide. This person has said it before and I knowing ALL of the stories, of that is how people who are truly in need reach out, I have always been there to listen. But I have never taken their words completely seriously...until today. Today, there was something different in this person's voice. A desperation I hadn't heard before. A status that made me worried about them, but in the same sense knew (except for talking) there was nothing that I could do! I reassured this friend that if I were closer and could come over, I would - if nothing more than to give them a hug.

This whole scenario was hard for me. I mean, I have always been an empathetic person. But in the same sense I believe I have always had friends who are mentally/spiritually stronger than me.

This person believes that recent issues in their life have made it to where it is pointless to even go on. This person even went as far as denouncing God (and they are a Christian). This is where I put my foot down! I reminded them that God has given us free will and through that free will is where our worldly troubles lie~ That God does not look down upon us and spite us for the decisions that we have made.

By the time we got off the phone, there seemed to be more of a calmness on that person's end. I'm not going to say a complete calmness because I am still extremely worried about them, but enough of a calmness that I felt okay with them getting off the phone with me.

So now... I turn this back towards myself - I guess I could view this situation as one that has made me stronger???

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  1. Wow. Having been in your friend's shoes, I am so glad s/he actually called someone. I cannot even imagine what it was like on your end of the phone. Sounds like you did a great job. I'm praying for you and your friend.


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