Monday, September 8, 2008

Too Old for a Party???

Last night, we were saying prayers and Sam said "Wait!" and then he started listing off peoples' names. He got to 10 people (who I thought he was praying for) and I said "Good! Ten people Sam!"

So, Here is the conversation between my 3 year old son, Sam, and I this Monday morning of my 33rd birthday.

Sam: Mom, today is your birthday?
Me: Yep, it sure is.
Sam:When's everybody comin'?
Me: Nobody's coming Sam.
Sam: It's your birthday?
Me:Yes, it's my birthday.
Sam:When's everybody comin'?
Me: No one is coming Sam. We gotta go to work and school.
Sam: It's your know?... blow out candles. 10 people!!!
Me: Yes...I know Son, but when your Momma's age you don't have people come watch you blow out candles.
Sam: No candles... (extremely sad face)
Me: Yes, yes! We will have candles tonight, but just us, nobody else is coming though.
Sam:10 people??
Me: No, no 10 people
Sam:'s your birthday????

My poor boy just couldn't imagine that someone could have a birthday and not have a party. It melted my heart!

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  1. Are you still out there? I've enjoyed your writing so much!


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