Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What I can teach you

I'm supposed to be teaching you.
You watch me and mimic.
And it's good.
So very good!

But you see... I might be teaching you about how to become a teacher... but I don't think those things are what you are learning the most about.

No... the times that we just get to sit and talk, I think are opening your eyes more than the teaching.

You are learning about life.
I am getting to share my hard earned knowledge of this world.

You look at me in awe and ask, "How do you come with a smile on your face every day?"

Without even thinking, I reply, "Because you have to let go of the things you can not change.  I can't change that my mom is dead.  I can't change that my husband cheated... and so I have to let them go."

You have to know though... seeing you digest what I just said taught me how far I have come... and I needed that realization.

So... even though I am supposed to be teaching you - Thank you for teaching me.

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  1. Morning! Yay for you lovely, am glad the new student teacher is working out. But I'm happier you're beginning to realise just how awesome you are.
    Have a good day! X


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