Friday, February 8, 2013

She is a different child... and for this I am glad

I feel like I have had all these things that I have wanted to sit down and say...
and yet, I haven't had the time.

No time for blogging... I suppose I should view that as a good thing... I mean, my life is filled with time with my man and my boys...  but my brain doesn't ever seem empty.

Blogging empties my brain.

So... here I am on a Friday night emptying my brain so I can sleep.

Last year, I went and talked to a second-grader because her dad was abusive and they had moved into a safe house. I was called upon because I had been there myself.

This year, I have that child.

I don't think of that day very often because she is a different child this year.
She is outgoing and spunky.
She is friendly and humorous.

...and it makes me wonder...
how she broke that shell so quickly?
And why I still feel like I am still some days breaking out of that barrier that I put that many years ago as a child.

Yes, I'm glad that she didn't have to make it to adulthood and still question her mother's decisions to go back repeatedly to an abusive man... and wonder if that is why her opinion of relationships is so poor... or if that came with her own wrongdoings.

No, I'm glad she isn't faced with all of that... because she is truly a different child.

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