Thursday, November 15, 2012

My students love me... even if they don't follow directions

At the beginning of every school year, I walk my students through what they should do in certain situations.  One of those situations is what they should if they feel like they are going throw up.

I tell them that I am a "sympathy puker". If I see puke, I puke too.

Then I tell them if they feel sick, to grab the nearest trash can, and get out the door.
I'll figure out what they are doing.

Sickness has been running rampant in my classroom.
Today, while I'm holding a reading group, one of my boys starts shouting, "Don't look over here Ms. T!!  Whatever you do don't look over here!!"

Of course, when a student is yelling that your natural inclination is to look.
"What? What is going on?" I asked.
"Beth puked... but don't look over here, we don't want you to get sick too!"

Ahhh... so they were listening... and they do care.

Now to get the janitor in here to clean the puke off my floor...

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  1. Aw...bummer. Did you have to evacuate the room? Only one kid threw up in the classroom during my teaching career. He didn't even lean over, just puked all down the front of himself. As we were lining up for lunch. Ah the memories. ;)


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