Monday, February 27, 2012

25 more random things about me

A few years ago, I shared 25 random things about myself.
I have changed and evolved... even though a majority of those random things haven't changed... I figured I could add a few more.

1. I trust others' judgement before my own.
2. If I tell you I will be there, I will be there. I don't change plans unless it is out of my control.
3. I am purposefully "fashionably late". I don't like to be early and have that awkward feeling.
4. I would pick up and travel with anyone anywhere. I have always been this way.
5. I love having a best friend that I tell everything to.
6. I seriously think most days that I should go to a counselor.
7. I fully believe things happen for a reason.
8. I believe in love... just not sure it's in my cards any more.
9. I think I am a better friend to guys than I am to girls... but I don't second guess things I tell to girls.
10. I over-analyze most of my life.
11. I believe God sends people into your life to send you messages you wouldn't have heard from anyone else.
12.When my mind is cluttered, so is my house.
13. I am an insomniac... more so on the nights I don't have my boys.
14. I'm not sure I will ever have a student teacher again... I miss being in front of my students too much.
15. I worry about if something ever happened to me... would my boys remember me?
16. Some days it's hard for me to remember my mom...
17. My favorite color is green because my eyes are green.
18. I don't like coconut!!  Not the smell, not the taste, not the texture, none!  I sometimes tell people I'm allergic to it because I dislike it so much!
19. Because I was heavier when my hair was long, I worry I will get heavier again because I am growing out my hair.
20. I wish I had my masters... I have missed out on MANY collegiate job opportunities because I don't have it.
21. I worry that I will become paranoid schizophrenic like my dad.
22. I can find the humor in most conversations no matter how boring they are.
23. I am not good at keeping "files", but I can lift up a pile of papers I've created and locate the one paper I need.
24. When I get hungry, I get like a grumpy bear. Grrrr.
25. In an idealistic world, I would like to have a daughter. This desire grows more and more each day.


  1. Thanks for posting those fun facts about you!
    #4 is interesting you should read this book
    Queen of the road Doreen Orion it's a good book. If I still had it I would mail it to you!

    1. How did you know that I have been reading a LOT lately?? Having a student teacher that grades gives you LOTS of extra time ;)

  2. Ah Dawn, so many of the things you've listed are true of me too! Once again it feels like you've climbed into the inner sanctums of my psyche and delved into the darkest do you do that?!:)

    Hope you're having a good week


    1. Oh Natasha, you know... you and I are twinkies ;) Just a world apart, but still twinkies ;)

  3. Thanks for the fun facts! I love #7. I so feel that way too!


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