Sunday, April 25, 2010

Digits, a new dad, a dance, and a date

There are so many things that have been rolling through my head the last few days that I have thought, "Oh, when I have time to sit down... I'm gonna blog about that!" But instead I have been cleaning and cooking and baking and cake decorating...and that is what I have been doing when I'm not at work teaching. Seriously, getting ready for a birthday party is hard work!

So here are the things I have wanted to share:

My son, Colby, is the sweetest of sweet kids(his teacher even says it's so). He has a ton of friends and he is one of those kids that is in the center of it all, but also has a heart of gold. (Yes, I realize I am his mom...)

So, on Wednesday, a mom called to RSVP for the boys' b-day party. She said if she could find a ride for her daughter, she would be there.

The next morning, as I was driving to school, I was talking to Colby on the phone.
Me: "Colby, L's mom called. I will call her back tonight because I forgot to write down her number."
C: " you need it mom? "Cause L. gave it to me. I have it right here in my book bag."

My son is turning, people!!! and he is already getting girls' digits???
I'm not ready for this!!

A new dad
I shop in the same grocery store every time. I know a lot of people. Sometimes... people say that I have never met a stranger.

On Thursday, I was doing all of the shopping for the boys' party. I am standing and waiting for meat from the deli counter.
Behind me is a man also waiting. But as he waits, I watch him continuously eyeballing the cinnamon rolls on a table beside us.
Finally, smiling, I say to him, "Oh, go ahead and get you know you want to!"
He smiles back and responds, "Well, it would be an easy breakfast...and I have a newborn at my house."

Within seconds, we were talking about kids, sleep-less nights, and when to start potty training (he also has a 2 year old). It was as if I had met up with an old friend and we were catching up on each other's lives. Then he pulled out his iPhone and showed me pictures. My boys were at the bakery counter staring at cakes...I pointed them out. Throughout the rest of our shopping trip, we kept running into one another on different aisles, each time sharing a little more about our lives. At one point, he asked what I did. I told him I taught. He said, "Well, maybe one day, my kids will get to have you as a teacher."

I believe people come into our lives for a reason. Nothing is happenstance. Just haven't quite figured out why I met this overly tired, proud father of two... but I'm sure one day I will figure it out.

A dance
On Friday, we had a fun-filled day to celebrate the ending of our state testing. The kids needed a break...and we, teachers, needed a break! Part of our day was a dance.

Now, mind you, these are third graders at a dance.
In the weeks prior, I heard of dress buying and dates. I (along with the other third grade teachers) tried to make it very clear that this was not the type of dance that they were thinking of...this was not a prom! I even had to answer, "What type of punch will be served?" "No, punch. No dates. Just fun dancing!" I said.

However, most of our talk was not heeded. Girls showed up in fancy new dresses and high heels. Boys showed up in dress shirts and ties. They did listen to us on the dates part though.

Everyone had a great time dancing as a group. We, teachers, even joined in. In fact, I think we had a better time than the kids...and, no, I will not be sharing pictures.

A date
So...I have been talking to a new guy. Actually it has been for 2 weeks now. My friends have been giving me a hard time saying, "Are you two ever going to go on a date?" but actually... I was okay with the fact we hadn't. We have been getting to know each other. Plus, he also has kids at home, so finding a night we are both free hasn't exactly been easy.

So, last night, it finally worked out for the both of us.
We didn't really have any set plans. Strangely enough, I was okay with that.
We found a quiet spot to sit and talk. Rain poured down outside, and we poured out our stories to one another... the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Neither one of us want to rush into a relationship... so we agreed to take it one day at a time.'s to the days ahead.


  1. I LOVE doing random posts! I feel like I do them ALL THE TIME!! I agree, I don't think things just happen by chance!! Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate my SITS day today!!

    BTW what grade do you teach?

  2. I think its great your not rushing into anything or sleeping with him early on. When you have kids, it just complicates things to rush.

    I think your awesome.

  3. sounds like my relationship, he has two kids, I have two kids...and making ANY plans whatsoever never works out for us.


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