Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rules of Dating

So... since I am "back out there", friends have been giving me some rules of dating. Like I've said before, I wasn't exactly good at this the first time around, so... I figure any advice would help.

Rule #1 - Put yourself out there
Okay... so I have been doing that.
I am on a personals site online - this is how I met the last guy I dated, but I am becoming a little cynical about them...I am finding that the guys on there don't want to make the first move - which sometimes makes me feel it is all becoming a little one-sided.
Last night, I went out with friends. I even had a pick up line...isn't that funny?? Me! With a pick up line!! I met a guy - he wants to take me out on his boat. I told him, "We'll see."

Rule #2 - Appear to be having a good time
Okay... this is an easy one!! I have a good time pretty much where ever I'm at.

Rule #3 - Allow yourself to be taken care of
(This could include paying for a meal or drink, having a door opened for you, etc.)'s the one that I am not really good at...okay, okay...let's take it a step farther - I am HORRIBLE at it!! I have always had guys in the past that don't do that - take care of me. Don't get me wrong, they were great guys but I put myself out there as not needing to be taken care of and they backed off of that role. (Even in my last relationship, the guy recognized that I was NOT used to it!)What I am learning is... that puts a "friends" connotation to a new relationship. If you are taking care of yourself, you are an independent individual, not part of a couple. (which make perfect sense as to why I make such a great friend!) Me, allowing another person to take care of me, shows that I need him as much as he needs me.
So...can I step back off of the friend's role and allow myself to be taken care of?
I guess... only time will tell.

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