Friday, June 20, 2014

I guess I will have to eat a little crow...

My brother moved in with me last October with plans of getting my sister-in-law's nail shop up and running before she quit her job and came here.
It was suppose to have opened in November... That didn't happen.

My sister-in-law joined my brother here in January.
Her nail shop opened in February.

Since March, I have been telling my brother (who is looking for his first teaching job) to apply EVERYWHERE!!

I told him that you don't get your dream job in the exact town that you want your first go around.  Sometimes you might have to drive... or take a grade level you don't want... or a subject you don't want just to get your foot in the door.

I got him a full time subbing job at my building.... In hopes that they would see the potential in him that I knew he had (and also with the hopes that I could eventually - sooner than later - get my house back!!)

But Tim, he was picky...
He would only apply for jobs within 15-20 minutes of my house or the nail shop.
If it was a grade level or subject he didn't want, he didn't apply.

I was getting SO frustrated!!

The end of the school year finished with Tim still being without a job next year.  I know that frustrated him... but it frustrated me even more knowing there were jobs out there he could have applied for, but didn't.

So, he went back to Wisconsin to paint houses for the summer and left his wife here with me.

The beginning of this week, he called to say he was coming back for an interview  the exact school he wanted to teach at  ... in the exact subject he wants to in.

He got the job.

Of course, I'm happy (Ecstatic really!!)  ...But it kinda means I have to eat a little crow. :/


  1. Congrats on the job for your brother. Love it when faith wins and god answers your prayers. Love ya girl!

  2. I'm so glad for Tim! And for you! I think crow is best served with a bit of gravy. Well, most things are better with gravy for that matter. ;)


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