Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Can someone turn off that light??

So... I've decided that either I am sending off some VERY strong pheromones ... or someone has turned a sign like this beaming above my head and I just don't know it...:

Because in the past 2 weeks, I have been contacted by four (yes, FOUR) guys I have dated previously.

Now... I'm not talking like the one I broke up with 6 months ago (Honestly, I am really surprised he hasn't been thrown into this weirdness...), I'm talking about a guy I dated 4 years ago, and three I went on dates with three years ago.

They are all just "checking in".
I'm no dumbie.
"Checking in" means 'I'm lonely.'
"Checking in" means 'Are you lonely too?'
"Checking in" means 'Maybe... even though it didn't work before, it can work now?'

The thing is... I'm good.
I'm so slap busy that I don't know whether I'm coming or going, but I'm good... and I'm happy ... and I don't need a guy to keep me that way.

So... give me some strong soap to wash off those pheromones... Or maybe, could someone chuck a rock at that neon sign?... cause the light is keeping people up here.


  1. They just know a good thing! You are an amazing woman and you are comfortable with who and where you are in life. Love ya girl!

  2. Don't they know better that to call during baseball season?!

  3. Oh Erin, Obviously not ;) LOL


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