Monday, November 8, 2010

And the scene unfolds

I truly believe this.

Today, this scenario played out by my school.

The neighbor of one of our teachers called to say the teacher's dog was out.
The teacher left school quickly to go take care of her dog before the pound picked it up or it was killed.
One of our night time janitors was on his way to work.
Right in front of the teacher, the janitor swerved and hit a light pole. (he had a heart attack)
As the teacher pulled over to check on the wreck, the other night time janitor came around the corner.
As the other night time janitor began CPR, the teacher called our assistant superintendent.
Our assistant superintendent, called 911 as he rushed to the scene.
The assistant superintendent and the other night time janitor continued CPR
Within 8 minutes of the accident, a medevac helicopter arrived.

The crazy part of all of this is ....
  • Had the teacher not gotten the phone call about her dog, she wouldn't have been there to witness the accident. They were not driving on a main road.

  • Had the accident occurred 100 feet down the road, the teacher, nor the other janitor, would have come in contact with the accident.

  • The janitor and the assistant superintendent are fully CPR certified. The teacher was not.

  • The assistant superintendent was out of his office and was just a couple of minutes away from the crash site and was able to be on scene within 2 minutes.

  • The medevac port is just minutes away from the crash site.

Call it kismet... Call it fate... call it destiny...
...but everything happens for a reason


  1. Hi Dawn,

    Wow, what are the chances?! I hope the night janitor makes a full recover.

    Strange, today I was thinking exactly the same thing...for more mundane reasons. I've recently applied for a job, which I have a second interview for on Monday and today I sat an exam to help me toward becoming a teaching. Needless to say I've been quite stressed and worried, as I walked home after the exam I simply told myself 'what will be, will be' and 'everything happens for a reason'.

    Hope you're okay, take care.


  2. Wow that is a great story. I agree that everything happens for a reason!


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