Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dissed by disease

I am on a online dating website.
Overall, the men I have talked to or met are decent.
Contact normally starts with an email, then we IM, and then if the connection is still there, we talk on the phone and then go on a date.

Last night, I was on and a guy asked me if I wanted to talk via IM. "Sure." I said.
That's when the question, after question, after question came at me. Let me say, I am okay with questions...but not when they make me feel like I am on a job interview. I basically was not given a chance to ask in return. When I tried to throw a little humor out there, it was ignored and the questions continued.

When I finally answered all of his questions to his satisfaction, he said, "Okay, we can talk... but I have to tell you that I have genital herpes."

WHOA! Hold up! NOT something I am interested in at all!!! So what's the correct response to that???

me: "Thanks for being honest."
him:"So that means we are still going to talk?"
me: "Well, just because I am IMing you doesn't mean I am going to sleep with you."
him: "Where do you live again?"
him: "Oh. that's too far of a drive. nice talking to you. bye."

What???!!!! Wait a minute. You have a disease and you diss me because of distance??

Oh wait, no... it is because I won't share in your disease. Somehow... I still feel dissed.


  1. Yuck! I think it's best that one went on his merry way.

  2. Dawn, what a great post.. I am ROTFL!! I too had a similiar encounter several years ago.. so I can relate! Thanks for the great laugh!

  3. Yeah, that would be a difficult one.

    Stopping by from SITS for your Feature Day.

  4. haha, I'm so laughing at this! Seriously! I cannot BELIEVE that, oh man. Well at least it makes for some VERY interesting blogging material :)

  5. oh, and by the way, I'm totally following your blog now :) be back again soon!

  6. You summed that up beautifully and precisely.

  7. That is too much! I get that crap all the time...well, except the herpes part...'s usually ME dissing THEM because all they want is to get laid. :/


  8. Oh, wow. Seriously? What a loser! Congrats on your SITS Day.

  9. oh wow!

    Sounds like you got an easy out of a bad conversation with a loser - why waste good time after bad?

  10. Wow, and he had the nerve to ask you a million questions? I would've booted him alot sooner when he wasn't reacting to your sense of humor.

  11. WOW. I'm not sure what else to say...

  12. I hate dating!!!!! I am going through a divorce right now and dating totally scares me.


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