Monday, December 8, 2008

the dinosaur has died

Okay...I admit it. I love my cell phone. I know I have become reliant on it when I realize 4 blocks from my house that I don't have it and I turn around and go back to get it. Not because I need it at that moment, but because I might.
Well, on Sunday, as I am attempting to carry one too many things, I drop mine. Now, mind you, I have had this phone for 6 years - It has survived through the drooling and throwing everything stages of both my children. It is a dinosaur in cell phone world. But it was my dinosaur and I loved it!
When I flipped it open, it would still bleep, but the screen wouldn't appear. So, I decided it wasn't damaged too badly. I would still be able to get my numbers off, I would just need a little help.
I head to my friendly cell phone store. - "Sure. we would love to help you out, but unfortunately the free phone that your insurance would cover, we are unfortunately out of. Oh, and your phone it OLD! and we no longer carry a connector to retrieve your info off of it."
SO...needless to say, I paid more than I wanted...I have lost all my contact numbers...and my dinosaur is dead. This is a day to mourn.

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  1. Were you and my mom in some sort of contest for world's oldest cell phone?


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