Thursday, June 21, 2012

Top 5 reasons I love summer...

5. Summer school... I know this sounds downright lame... but I love the laid-back-ness of it and the different group that I teach with and... oh yeah... NO PAPERS TO GRADE!!!

4. I can take naps* ...and it is still daylight outside when I wake up. (You know... NO confusion if it is the same day or if it has turned into a new day)

3. Getting tan (Okay... I confess this is solely from countless hours at a ball field... but hey, I'm tan :)

2. Sleeping in* ... so this hasn't happened yet,  but I foresee it in my near future.

1. Traveling...  to see family and friends... to have the time to sit and enjoy everyone and not feel the need to rush off and get back home. This too hasn't happened yet, but it will soon and I just can't wait!!!

*Yeah... so I noticed 2 out of my 5 reasons had to do with sleep... don't psychoanalyze that. 
Just know I am making up for lost time.

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