Wednesday, June 24, 2009

“Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift.” Albert Eistein

I truly appreciate the world and its beauty. I love to take pictures of these beautiful creations that God has made. Somehow, though, pictures (no matter how well they are taken) don't do justice.
A picture can help you remember. A picture can fill in those forgotten details. But a picture can't make you fully experience it.

Yesterday, I witnessed a beautiful lightning storm, a stunning sun shower, and a complete rainbow.

I have yet to be able to catch lightning on film. I guess that is an incorrect statement...I have never tried to. I get so enthralled by watching a storm roll in and the fingers of lightning reaching from the sky to touch the ground... that by the time I think about it, it's too late.

Sun showers hold a special place in my vastness of memories. I can remember standing in the road in front of my childhood home raising my face to the sun. I love the warmth and calmness the sun brings to me as I stand with my eyes closed and face turned upward. As I stood in the roadway, face turned skyward, rain began. A warm, solid rain. I opened my eyes to see the sun jump and bounce off of the drops that fell around me. Ahhh...what a great memory!
I can't tell you the last time I saw a sun shower...that is until yesterday. I so wanted my boys to have that memory. I took them outside while it was raining with the sun shining. I know that is my memory and they will never have it as their own..but I truly wanted to share that with them!

I have seen several full rainbows before. Their beauty astounds me. I have even seen a double rainbow before. I was in Maui. It was unreal. However, with all the rainbows I have seen, I have never seen the end of one. They always seem to fade away to the vastness of the horizon or never touch the ground. The one yesterday was full, bright and came all the way to the ground right outside my friend's house. The kids all wanted to go get the pot of gold. I laughed at the thought of it actually being a reality. As the rain poured down we kept telling them, "No, no, stay inside." As the rain lightened though, I contemplated the idea. Just as I was about to say, "Hey, go on. See if that pot of gold is actually there!" The rainbow faded and was gone. Guess that leprechaun knew we were onto him! :)

Don't have a single picture from yesterday... Not on film at least. The pictures in my mind's eye are always better though. Guess I'll finger through that album every once in a while when I need a bit of beauty in my day.


  1. Sweet. :) A double rainbow in Maui? With me? Did I see it?

  2. I have I am assuming you saw it. LOL


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