Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hungry bear

I'm not normally a b*tch.
Really, I'm not.

But, all bets are out the window when I get hungry.
Yes, I should wear a shirt like this:

To my boys, I call it my "Hungry Bear"
I say, "I'm sorry I growled at you... it's my Hungry Bear coming out. We'd better find Momma some food soon!"

But last night, my hungry bear came right at the right time!!
You see...I love my brother and my sister-in-law(SIL) but they are still living in my house which I am doing my best to not lose it.
So when my SIL said, "Hey, we have an option of my mom moving here on Friday... What do you think?"
I went off!!

You see... normally I would have hem-hawed around the topic and told her I would think that wouldn't have been best...that them finding their own house first would be ideal..

But instead, she caught me when I was about an hour late for supper and my hungry bear was in full force...
So, my response was, "No! Absolutely not!!  Unless you actually want to pay rent here. NO!"

I have to say I was actually proud of myself... and glad for my hungry bear for once.


  1. Sounds to me like the timing of your hunger was perfect!

  2. Good for you lovely! Sometimes I think we need to just say it how is without taking the diplomatic and scenic route. X


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