Tuesday, February 4, 2014

If I go insane, now you'll know why

When I was at college, I expected to have roommates...
I expected to have things of mine borrowed and not returned.
I expected to have food that I bought eaten and not replaced.
I expected to be awoken at hours I hadn't planned on being up at.

However, here at the age of 38... I had not planned for this:

My brother moved in back in October - in plans of getting his wife's new shop ready.  Their plan was for her to arrive around late November and to be moved out by Christmas.

Things didn't go as planned (and I get that).  The shop took a LOT longer than expected. She didn't get here until Jan... so they are both STILL in my house.

I didn't really have a problem with my brother being here... he and I are a LOT a like.

However... My SIL is the COMPLETE opposite... and the once she has moved in is when the roommate drama truly started.

Yes, they have borrowed my things without asking... my SIL even tried to even argue that my new scarf might be her's and I'm afraid my nice Dyson vacuum will never be the same. :(

Yes, they have eaten my food and not replaced it... and I get that they don't know my boys' eating habits, but if you finish it off... replace it.

Yes, they don't hold the hours that my boys and I hold... but on school days they tend to be up late and on days like today (snow day) they tend to be up early... and they aren't quiet.

And don't even get me started on the greasy foods that they cook ALL the time (yes, I am a healthy eater/cook) and leave my house smelly of oil and grease. YUCK!

So... needless to say, these snow days that are trapping us all together and preventing them from working to gain money to move closer to a moving day are just about to do me in!!!!

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  1. Oh Dawn. I just couldn't take it! What is that saying, houseguest, like fish, begin to stink after three days? Something like that. Even under the best circumstances, sharing a house could make a person tear their hair out.


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