Monday, October 15, 2012

It's amazing what you'll hear, if you just listen...

I have always been a people watcher.
Some people might call it 'nosy'... I call it 'interested in human interaction'.

This weekend I spent the whole weekend with Ty and his whole family.
I loved to sit and watch the interaction between them all and listen to their conversations.
It's funny... to be an outsider who is allowed in to a tight knit group where nothing is being filtered .. and have to figure out all the little quirks and inside jokes and who feels what about whom.

Ty knows I love to eavesdrop.
He knows that I catch conversations that most wouldn't.

At the beginning of the weekend, he kept coming by me and saying, "This is what's happening." I'd reply with, "I know." and give him a little smirk...

By the end of the end of the weekend, I was telling him what was going on.
At one point and time, I was dozing on the couch almost asleep, when a conversation came up that I had info on.
I sat up and answered.
Ty was like, "I thought you were sleeping! ...Always Ms. Ears."

But the more I listened and the more I learned... the more I know how much I like him... and his family!

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