Friday, October 5, 2012

A real man

I have always been a self-sufficient woman.
My momma taught me to be that way.
Anything that my brothers could do... I could also do... and vice versa.

The men I have dated in the past saw that self-sufficient woman... and took full advantage.

Can I cook?
So why wouldn't I cook for me ...and them?
Maybe... because I don't really like to cook...

Can I mow my own grass?
So why would they need to mow it for me?
Maybe... because I don't really like to cut grass...

Can I buy my own chocolate?
Sure. In fact, I do... a LOT!
So why would anyone need to do it for me?

You see... this man... the one that I have had this undeniable spark with...
He knows I don't like to cook, so he cooks for me.
He knows I don't like to mow grass, so he tells me I will never do it again as long as we are together.
He knows I like chocolate, so he buys it for me.
... because he says even though he knows I can do it, he wants to do it for me.

Strangely enough, it's hard to let him...

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