Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lonestar Concert

My friend, Rachel and I attended the Lonestar concert last night. It was a great time!! They were excellent in getting the crowd involved - even though we had seats, they encouraged us to stand and "get into" their music.

Rachel enjoyed watching this couple that got TOOO "into" their music.
I, on the other hand, enjoyed watching the drummers hair fly around...

and a 90 year old woman sit and quietly clap her hands along to the heavy metal songs that came during the encore. LOL

The best part though was probably their encore. They veered from their songs and performed a variety of different artists including some Metallica and some Van Halen songs. It was cool to see their range! They also allowed the son of one of the band members to come out and play his electric guitar.

It was a good time with a good friend!! I think maybe going to concerts might be my new "thing".

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