Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Today I turned 40.

There.  I said it.
(It happened whether I said it or not.)

You know how you have this envisionment in your head about how a BIG birthday like 40 should be...  but also as a forty year old, you kinda have to roll with the punches...  

So, I decided to rock out my 40th by bringing 40 cupcakes to school.

Today was a sure sign that I randomly bring cupcakes to school for no reason too often...  No one was like, "Hey!  What's the special occasion??"

And you can't exactly be like, "Hey have a cupcake and celebrate my birth, damn it!"

So, I quietly set them in the lounge like I normally do and waited.
Only one teacher remembered. Great guy that he is.
Even my bestie forgot.
By mid-day, word had spread and, of course, people came and gave their well wishes.

It just kinda felt like a let down...
I mean, I have had some EPIC birthdays!

But then I made the decision that this was silly to be expecting something from others...  
So I decided that I would do 40 random acts of kindness for this birthday of mine...

And I would start with my 40 cupcakes :)

Funny, how when you make a decision like that things turn around.

It started pouring right around noon.  Colby was supposed to have a cross country meet, but because of the rain, it got cancelled.  Which meant we could go out to dinner like we normally do for birthdays.

It just so happens to be Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster - So I made it my goal to eat 40 shrimp for my 40th. LOL  
Crazy, I know. 
I let the waitress know right after I pushed my salad aside and didn't touch it (or the cheese biscuits).  I could tell she was getting worried something was wrong.
She did a fantastic job and kept the shrimp coming!

I'm not sure how the next part went down because I tend to be in a bubble when my boys and I are out together...  But when it came time for our ticket, she kept bypassing our table.  She had been SO on top of everything and then it came time for us to go.., and she just wouldn't stop at our table.

Finally, I caught her and said, "Could we go ahead and get our ticket?"
"Nope.  It's been taken care of."
"What?!!??  By Who?"

She pointed to a table two tables away.

I walked over and shook their hands and told them, "Thank you." and then, "Why would you do that?"
"It's your birthday isn't it?" I nodded. "And the waitress wasn't supposed to tell you!!"

Random strangers.

And I thought *I* was the one who was supposed to be doing the Random Acts.


  1. That is AWESOME! And, I'm super proud of you for eating 40 shrimp! Also, I think there would have been nothing at all wrong with telling people to celebrate your birth, damn it! ;) You are worth celebrating, my friend!

  2. Happy Birthday! I found 40 to be way more traumatic in the months leading up to it than it actually was when I was actually 40! I'm going to be 50 soon (18 months or so) and I'm afraid that will be traumatic!


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