Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just when you thought he walked on water

I know that since I got my student teacher, I have done nothing but sing his praises.
I thought I needed him... almost more than he needed me.
I know that was incorrect thinking... I mean, I am the experienced one here.
am the one teaching him the ropes.
But he was just so confident...

Then just as I was about to release my full reigns to him, it happened.
He fell out my good graces.
He started taking short cuts.

Don't get me wrong... there are times I need to take a short cut... but when it comes to my students and my classroom, I take offense to it.

The final straw was him cutting out on Parent/Teacher Conferences.
Trust me... I don't like to stay until 7 pm either!
But I know it is part of it... and if you are planning to become a teacher that is something you are going to have to accept.
The fantasy world of some people's thinking, "Oh, go to work at 8am, get off at 3pm." DOESN'T happen!!!!!

So, I had to contact his professor and she contacted him.
It wasn't fun for me.
In fact, I was literally sick to my stomach.
I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, but I hate confrontation and I knew I would have to address it first thing the next morning.

Thankfully, he started the conversation with an apology.
I accepted and then I restated my expectations.

I don't think he will take anymore shortcuts. (at least I hope not!)
And I need to constantly remind myself that I am the teacher here... to my third graders and to my student teacher.

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  1. Hi Dawn

    That's a tough one and I feel for you because I hate confrontation too. It's horrible when you realise that the person you're working with doesn't have the same standards as you, I've recently found that out for myself too.

    Chin up lovely and enjoy your weekend!


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